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Who Is Anik Singal & Why
Should You Care?

  • A World-Class Entrepreneur - Over $200 Million in Sales...
  • Launched & Scale 6 Successful Companies…
  • He’s Taught Over 250,000 Students WORLDWIDE…
  • He’s Created Multiple Millionaire Business-Owners…
  • He’s Always on the Cutting Edge of Internet Marketing - using the latest and greatest digital strategies…
  • The Net Worth of Just His Network Alone Is Worth Well Over $2 BILLION - he has amazing access!

And now, you can access his TOP-SECRET teachings - the EXACT same training he’s giving his own marketing team - for a ridiculously low investment…

Just show us that you’re serious about your future!

1 Why Am I Firing Myself as Chief Marketing Officer?

Well, I’ve done $200 Million in sales, but I want to reach $1 Billion - it turns out I’ve been in my own damn way…

It’s time that I SCALE my own operation.

I have 6 companies, and if I don’t find a way to transfer my advanced knowledge to others, then I don’t stand a chance at scaling my business to the level I dream of.

Plus, I’m working 18-hour days regularly - all because I’m THAT good at marketing - but I want to teach my team to lighten some of the load!

2 I’m Investing 15 Weeks To Fully Train My Marketing
Team & Now, You Can Join Us From Your Home!

I’m putting my heart and soul into this course because I want to reach my personal financial goal of $1 Billion.

The training will be weekly, 2 to 3 hours each with FULLY LIVE Q&A sessions...

With 15 weeks of intensive lessons, this means 30 to 45 hours of PERSONAL access and training - straight from me! I have over 15 years of experience, and you’ll get the opportunity to learn everything that I know.

This will be EXTREMELY thorough teaching - my team is young, many are new and excited members with ZERO marketing experience - so it doesn’t matter where your current knowledge is!

3 The No Fluff, No Bluff Guarantee...
I’m Literally Forced To Give Top-Notch Quality, Here’s Why...

You can rest assured that my training will be on the TOP and BEST strategies only (because well, I’m teaching my team)! Think about this -

If you’ve ever doubted whether marketers hold things back and keep the real secrets for themselves...

Well, I’m turning the camera on and teaching MY personal marketing team, so there’s no chance I can do that!

There’s going to be ZERO CENSORING - This will be 100% LIVE and RAW training!

I’m going to do a killer job teaching this entire course because it directly affects my business and revenue - I literally don’t have a choice...

4 Advanced “Jedi-Level” Training ONLY...

NO MORE OPT-IN PAGES - AHHHHHHH - I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I’ve been sick of teaching beginner-level strategies for a while now...

I’ve gained a lot of advanced knowledge throughout my career as an entrepreneur -

And I want to share my 15 years of expert tactics with YOU!

Lurn is a very complicated and advanced marketing machine. If I’m training my team, I simply have to teach the best, most effective methods I know.

SO THIS WILL NOT BE BORING, REHASHED TRAINING - this course will be chock-full of brand new, industry-leading lessons...

5 Cutting-Edge: Stay 6 Months Ahead of The Market...

Here’s the problem with learning from most marketers -

When they first learn something, it’s usually already been around for some time. Then, they use that to make a ton of money and abuse it. Next, they take time to make a course about it - which is more time wasted.

THEN, they go off and sell it to thousands of people. And suddenly, time is GONE - the strategy is old, and everyone and their mother is using it!

This is not the way to make millions...

In Marketing with Anik, you’ll get top-notch training straight from the guy who is literally the LEAD innovator on NEW internet marketing strategies...

Don’t wait a year to hear - get it immediately, 6 months EARLY, and jump ahead of the pack for the California gold rush!

The 3 CORE Keys To A $200 Million
Marketing Engine…

All 6 of my successful companies use the same CORE keys. These 3 keys have TWICE helped put me on the Inc. 500 “Fastest Growing Companies In America” list...

They’re also the exact strategies I’ve used to sell over $200M in products - and I’m not done yet. I’m still scaling all of my businesses!

Now, as I get ready to scale my sales to $1 Billion - I’m personally inviting YOU to join my entire marketing team, as I teach them everything I know!

Key #1: Funnels

Funnels are the PATH that your website visitors go through in order to become customers. Basically it’s the path of monetization - a great funnel allows you to have the highest dollar-per-lead possible.

Crafting your own high-converting funnel is a pivotal step of your marketing plan. It directly impacts your growth, customer relationships and most importantly - your ability to GET TRAFFIC.

And I’m going to break it all down in this course! I’m going to show you step-by-step how to create UNIQUE funnels that help you CRUSH your competitors in the new year.

  • I’m going to teach you all of our best funnel strategies for 2019:
    • Marketing Low-Ticket Products For KILLER Profits...
    • Meeting The Demand For On-Demand...
    • Connecting With Your Consumers - “The Super Ticket” Strategy...
  • I’ll even show you the exact 7 funnels that make me over $30 Million A YEAR…
  • We’ll go over all the ways to spur CONSTANT sales for your business - using cross-sells, upsells, downsells, and the rest of our entire arsenal of techniques...

Key #2: Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business. Simply put, it’s the people that come to your website. The prospects that you can sell your products or services to. 

But it’s also a tricky game - you can’t just build a page and expect people to show up. If you want traffic, consumers hold all of the cards, and it takes a lot more than a catchy ad to get their attention…

If you want to grow a thriving business, you need to attack the traffic game from MULTIPLE angles. There are so many secret ways to  but it’s also a tricky game of numbers. The bottom line is, you absolutely NEED visitors to your website if you want to make sales and grow a thriving business.

That’s why it’s the first KEY aspect of the Marketing With Anik program. I’m going to show you our bulletproof tactics for getting constant traffic to your business. You’re going to have access to the same fundamental lessons I teach to my own team here at Lurn...

  • You can learn my TOP traffic strategies for 2019:
    • Dominating Traffic Using Artificial Intelligence…
    • Spending More On Ads - But Spending SMARTLY…
    • Connecting With Your Consumers - “The Super Ticket” Strategy…
  • This program gives you the ENTIRE template - how we create ads, how we do targeting, how we scale our ads and invest over $500,000 every month… 
  • Get the template to how I’ve gotten over 2.6 MILLION total visitors from just Facebook ads…
  • Learn exactly how I’ve gotten over 322,000 visitors this year from Google alone…

Key #3: Conversion

Once you have traffic and funnels, the next key step is learning how to transform traffic into SALES REVENUE. There’s no way I’d leave these crucial lessons out of the program...

I’m known around the industry as one of of the top copywriters in the game. I’ve made a lot of money through my copywriting - writing emails, ads, written sales pages, video sales letters, and webinars - and I’m packing all of it into the 15 weeks as well!

  • I’m going to teach you the simple 5 step formula to churning out AMAZING COPYWRITING that converts every single time...
  • In my 15 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve done over $200 MILLION in sales - largely due to my battle-tested copywriting skills...
  • Lurn makes MILLIONS in profits every single year - all by repeating the SAME proven system and conversion tactics for everything that we do!

Listen, I’ve invested over $38 million to master the lessons you’ll learn in this 15-week program - and there are only 500 seats, so you have to take action and join FAST...

I want to teach you the shortcuts to help you maximize your business investments.

I’ll go over all 3 of these CORE key steps in detail, and DOWNLOAD my mind for you - everything I know is yours!

Here Are The 15 Topics You’re About To Master…
It Took Me $38 Million in Advertising To Discover These...

Over the 15 weeks of training, I’ll go over 15 different marketing topics. Now, some of these lessons may be subject to change -I may decide that I have something even better to teach instead…

But just look at how IN-DEPTH these 15 weeks are going to be!


The Psychology Of A 7-Figure Launch
(Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

I’ve done over 20 7-figure launches - one of them was even $11.6 MILLION. I’m going to reveal the entire PSYCHOLOGY behind an amazing product launch. You’ll learn the major points to keep in mind as you work toward launching your own 7-figure product.


The Only 3 Types of Emails You’ll Ever Need (Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

These 3 types of emails will help you connect with your audience, build meaningful relationships, AND monetize your business. I’ll show you that email can be so simple - all you have to do is rotate between the TEMPLATES I provide for you. You can plug and use them for your own subscribers!


Subject Lines That Get 20%+ Open Rates
(Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

Writing the perfect subject line is a BIG DEAL. You need to craft the one-liner that will gets people to open YOUR email. I’ll reveal the format and template I use for almost all of my subject lines to constantly get the highest open rates possible.


How To HACK Into Copywriting
(Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

Copywriting is an art form - and I’ve MASTERED it. I’m going to give you my 5-step copywriting formula, that works no matter what product you’re selling. This lesson focuses on how you CONVERT traffic into sales through great copy.


The Circle of Targeting (Value: $1,000)
Estimated Length: 2 Hours

I’ve learned how to quickly and safely scale my Facebook ads, to the point that I’m investing over $500,000 every month! And a lot of it has to do with how I use Facebook’s free tools to access the BEST target audiences. All of it will be covered in this lesson.


POWERFUL Facebook Video Ads
(Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

I’m going to teach you how to create 60-second videos that immediately convert Scrollers into BUYERS. Plus, you’ll learn exactly how I plan out my videos for mass consumption. Facebook video ads are one of the best ways to ENGAGE with new audiences, and lead people to check out your website.


POWERFUL Facebook Image Ads
(Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

The past few years, I’ve been using awesome tools, and even FREE images from Facebook to instantly create fantastic ads. And you can do this too, with ZERO design skills! I’m going to show you how to create powerful image ads that have BIG scaling potential.


Organic Content Domination (Value: $1,000)
Estimated Length: 2 Hours

This lesson will teach you HOW TO GET FREE TRAFFIC FOR LIFE. You can use content marketing and social media to drop your ad budget by over 70%. That’s right - you can spend LESS money and gain MORE traffic! Learn all about original content creation in this lesson.


Letting The Robots Run Your Business
(Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

I’m going to show you how to write a great autoresponder series. You’ll learn how to create email sequences so effective that they’ll take a perfectly COLD audience (who doesn’t know who you are) and turn them into RAPID buyers!


Viral Marketing Tactics (Value: $1,000)
Estimated Length: 2 Hours

Viral Marketing allows you to accomplish many goals at once - for the SAME cost (like killing three birds with one stone). You can build an email list, messenger list and gain social media followers - all while cutting your cost-per-lead by 33%.


Using Chatbots For Killer Open Rates
(Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

Facebook Messenger chatbots allow you to automatically and directly communicate with your consumers. This way, they can access you at ANY TIME. This helps you get crazy open rates, up to 80%, as well as click rates up to 25%. See exactly how we use Facebook Chatbots through the ManyChat platform.


The New Webinar Funnel - Webinar 3.0
(Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

Using our new webinar funnel model, you’ll learn how to lead your customers to purchase higher-ticket products. Which will ultimately lead to more profits for your business. Learn how we’re making MILLIONS with a new type of webinar funnel that is very easy to copy - I’ll dissect it right in
front of you!


Vertical Funnel Expansion (Value: $1,000)
Estimated Length: 2 Hours

Once you learn what funnels are working best for your business, you’re going to learn how to EXPAND them to maximize your sales. I’m going to teach you how to make every single lead you get worth $15+ in the first 30 days.


Retargeting Ad Profits (Value: $1,000)
Estimated Length: 2 Hours

I’m going to teach you how to stop traffic bleeding - and CUT your acquisition costs by 40%! All you have to do is follow the simple retargeting formulas that I’ll lay out for you in this lesson. This is how all of the top marketers get the best R.O.I. from their advertising investments!


Building A Loyal YouTube Following
(Value: $1,000) Estimated Length: 2 Hours

This is how you can get FREE traffic for a lifetime. All you have to do is make a 7 to 10 minute video on YouTube, once or twice a week. And I’ll show you exactly how to do it best. Watch me and join me LIVE as I grow my YouTube channel to 100,000+ subscribers!

How Will This Work?
How Will You Virtually Join Us?

Here at the Lurn headquarters, we’ve invested in industry-leading technology for all of our students. We’ll be able to provide LIVE, high-quality streaming for each week of training - straight from one of our classrooms!

It’s going to be VERY simple - you’ll get a link, click it, and have INSTANT access to watch and listen to everything I’m teaching to my in-house team!

$30,000 of Value - Today, Just $7!

Each session is worth at least $1,000 - I typically charge $1,000 an hour for GROUP training and $3,000 an hour for one-on-one training. So it could even be argued these sessions are worth a minimum of $2,000 each...

With 15 full training lessons - that’s worth $30,000…

Think about it - look, you’re getting advanced training on topics that you’d typically have to purchase separately, all in one place - for a SINGLE low-cost investment. This is EASILY worth $30,000, just look at the lesson plan!

Why Am I Doing Something This Crazy?

The truth is, I’m doing this for MYSELF - yes, my motive is selfish...

I want to train my team and eventually let them TAKE OVER more of my business...

So, if I’m already putting in the time to teach my team, I thought it would be great to let #LurnNation watch and listen in too. That’s why I’ve decided to open this course to everyone else - we already have the technology for it here at the Lurn Center anyways!

But - BUT - I’m not going to give it away for free, No Way.

This program is far too valuable. It contains 15 years of my expert knowledge that I’ve invested over $38 Million to get. Besides, nobody values free information...

$7 PROVES to me that you’re serious, and you got SKIN IN THE GAME.

Well? What’s It Going To Be, Entrepreneur?